The success of this organization depends on individuals:.

  • Who will volunteer and visit the primary and secondary schools monthly.
  • Who will partner with us and provide mentorship to high school students.
  • Who will donate either one-time or monthly to support our projects.
  • Who will donate items such as reusable menstrual pads, school books, laptop computers, etc.

Email us at “” for information on how to donate items and how to become a mentor.

Popular individual donations are a one-time donation of $100 and monthly donations of $50.


We believe that the church’s most important mission is to help the poor. As such, we rely on churches to:

  • Provide donation in the form of tithe, offering, or any other monitory form to support our needy students.
  • The church can also donate text books, school uniforms, computers, and food, which will be distributed to our students.
  • Churches can also visit local schools to provide free medical and dental checks to treat our students.

Importantly, if a church wishes to conduct missions to Kenya, email for further information. We  partner with several local churches throughout Kenya.


Many big institutions such as banks look for ways to give back to the community. This organization provides an excellent vehicle to achieve this objective. By partnering with us:

  • Give finances to provide scholarships to Kenyan primary and secondary school students. These scholarships range from $500 to $1,000 per student per year.
  • In order to give back to the community, participate or provide funds towards our monthly trips to provide reusable menstrual pads to our school girls, which cost $500 per school per month.
  • Provide items in bulk, such as menstrual pads, school uniforms, school textbooks, and laptop computers.

These donations are tax exempt in the US, and thus provide significant tax benefits.

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