Education and School Support Project

Children sponsored by MF welcoming MF team
Former SWACCO child sharing his diploma and job certificateOrphans

In Tanzania education tends to be optional.  It is not free, therefore when given the choice of food to survive or school, survival wins.  The Mwangaza Foundation recognizes, and highly prioritizes, education for children.  In order to break their cycle of poverty, they need the opportunities that an education can provide for them.  With this in mind, TMF stresses the importance of education for their future and provides each child under their care with means to enter school.  


When children are able to finish with their standard Tanzanian education, some have the opportunity to continue beyond the basics.  Funds raised enable students to  be filled with hope for the future by moving towards the ability to be a contributing member of society and to open doors to them they  would not have otherwise.


Financial support is committed to the children in the following areas:
- School Tuition and Fees
- School Uniforms
- School Supplies: Including the purchase of a desk and chair which are not provided by schools.


In addition to the basics, when children are able to proceed through their standard education, opportunities are provided to them by TMF for continuing education.  This includes opportunities for the University if they qualify.  Vocational focused education is also a very important and viable option. 


Currently TMF has a system where when a student finishes their higher education they come back to the community of SWACCO and share their new found expertise with them.  This form of accountability does much for their confidence and appreciation for the support they have been blessed with.  Many of the returning kids want to continue on and support the orphanage.


In the fall of 2012, two students went on to study in primary education and nursing.  They are excited to return to help at the SWACCO and both hope to be working at the future Blessings Village.


Our current Sponsor a Child program covers most tuition for standard schools.  However, due to differences in schools, levels and needs costs are often difficult to predict and are not fully covered for each child.  Donations that support the education of these children are crucial to their future.   Any size donation is greatly appreciated.




Mwangaza is a Swahili word meaning "Vision". Mwangaza Foundation provides a vision that will guide the children through their efforts to achieve "Self-Reliance".
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