Clean and Safe Water Project

Enjoyment at the new borehole
          Community members enjoy using the new borehole

Seventy percent (70%) of the Tanzanian people do not have access to clean and safe water within a mile of their homes. Even though the government has provided many good water sources, these sources break down due to lack of maintenance.


Lack of safe water and poor sanitation, as well as poor hygiene in most villages, cause waterborne diseases to be common and deadly.


MF has used donations received from organizations and individuals to drill a number of wells and boreholes in Songea district. This has provided clean and safe water to the community which suffered severely from waterborne diseases and eased the burden on women and children.


Click here to download the detailed Kijiji Chema Orphanage
Groundwater Development Project (PDF, 98.6KB)

With your DONATION, we will make clean and safe water a reality in the District of Songea, Tanzania.

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