Health Care Project

Child in Hospital

MF has strived to make health care available for the orphans and the poor families in the District of Songea, Tanzania. We are committed to long-term sustainable health care.


Our work includes: Establishing convenient access to health centers for the poor communities; educating health professionals and community health workers; strengthening health facilities; fighting diseases; carrying out HIV/AIDS awareness; and providing humanitarian assistance through donated medicines; medical supplies and volunteer medical assistance.


In Songea, many poor families are affected by diseases like

malaria, diarrhea, hepatitis A, typhoid fever, schistosomiasis,

rabies, etc.

We welcome support from well-wishers to help these families and orphans realize their future and live a healthier life.

You can DONATE to enable us to achieve this goal.

Mwangaza is a Swahili word meaning "Vision". Mwangaza Foundation provides a vision that will guide the children through their efforts to achieve "Self-Reliance".
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