Special Child of the Month: John Nyirenda

John Nyirenda


John was born in January 02, 1999 in Songea.  Both his parents died shortly after he was born. John’s only living relative was his sick grandmother who is old and has no means of taking care of him.  After 4 years of trying to care for him she realized they were both suffering.  His grandmother decided to find help in an orphanage.


John's grandmother had heard about the temporary orphanage of SWACCO and looked to them for help.  In June 2003 John was immediately accepted at the temporary orphanage of SWACCO the local partner of the Mwangaza Jitegemee Foundation.  He was very undernourished and had no early education.  Shortly after entering the orphanage his grandmother passed away.   


The Foundation provides John with a loving home, food, clothes, shoes and all the medical and clinical services he needs.  They also provide for all of his schooling needs including tuition, school uniform, books and school supplies.


Currently he is in form one at Lizaboni Secondary School.  John is doing very well in school, and after school he likes reading books, playing, assisting in kitchen works and gardening.  He is extremely helpful around the orphanage. 

He looks out for all of the children living there.  He does repairs and building projects as well.   


He is compassionate with his friends.  His two best friends are Edgar and Joseph.  They do everything together and consider themselves a band of brothers. John is the leader and a very good example to them.


When asked about his dreams, John wants to become a soldier.  He wants to protect people who cannot protect themselves.  He wants everyone to feel safe.

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