The Founder

Founder: Flora Komba

The Mwangaza Foundation was founded by the Late Flora Komba. She grew up in Tanzania and with the rise of HIV/AIDS, extreme poverty, broken families and abuse, she often attended different communal mourning ceremonies.

She observed that after communal mourning, children of the deceased parents were given to different people who would take care of them. This practice was often detrimental for the child.  They were often unwanted, abused and uncared for.   Flora remembers in 1980 a friend by the name of Mwanaisha who lost her parents and was taken in by her aunt. The aunt, a witchdoctor, prevented Mwanaisha from going to school and ordered her to work as a witchdoctor and eventually married her off.

Flora was concerned and burdened by how the future of children from surrounding villages in Tanzania were so limited by their circumstances.  For orphaned children without parents they were lucky to survive and were rarely educated.

When Flora moved to the United States and saw how opportunity and freedom can shape individual development, she was determined to encourage and support caregivers by creating an environment of love, support and education to help the Tanzanian children regain some control over their future and help them achieve their potential.

Flora Komba
Founder & President
The Mwangaza Foundation
Mwangaza is a Swahili word meaning "Vision". Mwangaza Foundation provides a vision that will guide the children through their efforts to achieve "Self-Reliance".
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